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Eric Weisstein's World of Science. Product details for Wolfram One, Mathematica, Development Platform, Programming Lab, Data Science Platform, Finance Platform, SystemModeler, Wolfram Alpha, Enterprise. A (general) dodecahedron is a polyhedron having 12 faces. Examples include the Bilinski dodecahedron, decagonal prism, elongated square dipyramid (Johnson solid J_(15. A generalization of the Poisson distribution has been used by Saslaw (1989) to model the observed clustering of galaxies in the universe. What can you ask Wolfram Alpha about? Mathematics › Elementary. 2,700 entries, 14,065 cross-references, 172 figures, 22 animated graphics, 0 live Java applets, and counting. download policy. Screencasts and videos about Mathematica, CDF, Wolfram Alpha, other Wolfram Products including: overviews, capabilities, tutorials, user stories, uses and examples. Professor Wolfram Schlenker. Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs The Earth Institute Co-director Center for Environmental Economics. You can find your Mathematica or Finance Platform activation key through a variety of different methods. Cloud Access to the Wolfram Language. Enable JavaScript to interact with content and submit forms on Wolfram websites. Learn.